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Malibu Software Group

Malibu Software Group, a Microsoft Registered Partner, is a computer consulting, technical support and software development company. We offer specialized products and services in the areas of system architecture, project management, research and development, analysis, database, clustering, and computer telephony. We specialize in integrating on-premise enterprise solutions with off-premise cloud solutions for personal, small and enterprise level companies.

Our products and services are designed to increase productivity, reduce cost, and strengthen competitive advantage by optimizing existing systems and integrating emerging technologies.

Malibu Software Group provides the product development expertise needed to design, develop, project manage and market your software products to get your company and products recognized and competitive in the marketplace. Our consultants have the experience, creative insight, and motivation necessary to build innovative, efficient and cost effective, state-of-the-art software products. We create partnerships to accelerate the development of concepts that can be marketable software products.

Database Consulting
We offer comprehensive database analysis and software development services to design and customize applications based on optimal data integration.

Microsoft Solutions - Information Technology Consulting
Our Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers (MCSE) and Microsoft Certified Solutions Developers (MCSD) are experts in Microsoft Exchange and Office in the Enterprise environment.

Office 365
We are a Microsoft authorized Office 365 advisor.  We can help set up your Office 365 cloud solution for your email, documents, website, collaboration, needs for one person or an enterprise solution.

Rackspace Cloud Services
We are an authorized Rackspace reseller providing dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, email hosting, and jungle disk storage solutions.

Computer Telephony & Voice Processing
We design and develop software products in the unified messaging, computer telephony and voice messaging environments that provide for full integration of email, fax and voice mail systems.

Technical Support
We provide expert technical support services for Windows and Mac. Remote and Onsite service.

Technical Tips
Listen to our TechTip radio show in Northern California KNCO 830 AM Dial at 8:21 AM and 5:37 PM and read our tips in The Union Newspaper every other Monday in the "Monday Money B1 Section". Also visit our Blog -

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